Nowdays in our modern life we tend to be blind for small beauties of our world. Lots of them are right in front of us, and they are  ready to be recognized. The presented photos intend to escalate new toughts, feelings, bringing out previously hidden ideas .

 Have a nice day, enjoy the pieceful moments of these photos and get recharged with energy.

I wish you a very pleasant visit of my Galery.
Balla Tamás


- 2011 jan. 02-23: Aranytíz Műv.Közp. (Budapest,V. Arany János u.10.) 
- From 2007 May 14 : Hotel Aquarius (Budapest, XXII.ker., Nagytétényi út 372.)

Budagyöngye Bevásárlóközpont
(Budapest II. Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor)       

The photos on the site are for sale.


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